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vicky devlin
I have spent my whole life enjoying the company of horses.  I ride for pleasure enjoying long distance treks on my horses.

I have studied with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling in Denmark, where I learnt the importance of body language around horses.  It was on this one year schooling programme I realised how much horses are trying to speak to us through their own body language.

I have also studied horse psychology with Kelly Marks and am currently studying the impact we have on the horses physical ability through ridden work.
I met Jim Masterson by accident when I offered to help a friend with a weekend seminar.  It was a true revelation to me when I saw the way Jim was working with the horses, he was listening to them in a similar way to Klaus Hempfling did but instead of using this information for training he was using it to help them relax and release tension in their bodies.

Horses hide pain … it is natural to them so our job is to help them release the tension that could turn into discomfort later.  What better way to do this than ask them and let them guide us through the process. Not only do they benefit but they enjoy it too!!

I am now a Certified Masterson Method ™ practitioner in the UK and phase 11 Mentor.  I am based in West Yorkshire and happy to travel to any location in the UK.

I am not a veterinarian and IEPB is never a replacement for proper veterinary care. I will not diagnose conditions, perform surgery or prescribe medications or supplements for any equine.
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